Posted by: Home Strange Home | July 11, 2009

President Obama Visits Ghana

President Obama is being received in Ghana by President John Atta Mills.  This is Obama’s  first visit as US president to Sub-Saharan Africa and his second visit to Africa (he visited Egypt in June).

 Obama, speaking to the Ghanaian Parliament, will emphasize the importance of democracy and encourage the African continent to follow Ghana’s democratic example so that the US can help them develop.   Ghana had a successful, non-violent democratic election in December and has often been cited as a success story on the continent because of its political stability. 

 People may have expected Obama to choose to visit Kenya, since his father is Kenyan, however last year’s post-election violence was viewed as “backsliding” on the democratic process.   Instead, Obama chose Ghana for his African visit in order to “highlight its adherence to democratic principles and institutions, ensuring the kind of stability that brings prosperity.” 

The US has always placed great importance on democracy, free and fair elections, good governance, and human rights in its relations with African nations and has often made its foreign aid assistance conditional on these factors. 

Source: BBC and the New York Times.


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